Zoning / Building Permits ( UCC ) / Code Enforcement

Building Inspection Underwriters of Pennsylvania, Inc.
317 South Home Avenue
Avalon, PA 15202
Phone 724-523-5940

Rich Roberts, UCC and Occupancy Official
Contact: 412-766-2565

Shannon Cypher, Hart  Zoning and Code Enforcement Official
Contact: 724-539-8548 ext 30
Derry Borough Hours: Wednesday 8-4pm

The Borough of Derry has a current agreement with Building Inspection Underwriters Inc. to utilize their services as a third party agent for Uniform Construction (Building) Codes, Zoning, and Occupancy Permits

All new construction in Derry Borough requires a zoning permit and UCC permit, including new homes and additions.

Building Permit Applications, Zoning Applications, and Occupancy Permit Applications are available at the Borough Office or attached to the forms or links provided.

Zoning Applications – $55

UCC Applications – Based on sq. ft. of Project

Checks should be made out to the Borough of Derry

All applications should be submitted to the Derry Borough office at 114 East Second Avenue, Derry, PA 15627

Zoning permits are required for garages, carports, sheds, certain retaining walls, pools, fences, and other accessory uses. Replacement or maintenance projects do not require permits most of the time. Examples replacing roof shingles, windows, siding. When in doubt please contact Rich Roberts at  412-766-2565 and inquire with him directly.

Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map
Zoning Application
Zoning Appeal Application

Appeals would be reviewed by the Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning Hearing Board Members
Alfred Young, Chairman
Betty I. Handy
Christine Shearer
Jerris Weller
Board Member Vacancies – 1
David Colecchia – Law Care, Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor

The Uniform Construction Code regulates all new construction.

Building Permit (UCC) applications are available online from Building Inspection Underwriters at the following link:
or available at the Borough office.