Fire & Police

Derry Volunteer Fire Department

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Reflective Address Signs

Proposed in 1889 and Originated in 1892
Fire Chief Josh Campbell
President Steve Kozar
Fire Station Ph # 694-2653

Burning Reminder… with the exception of camp or recreational fires, open burning of yard waste including trees, logs, brush, and stumps is only allowed on Tuesdays and Saturdays Weekly. Burning garbage including plastics, cardboard, and all other hazardous items is strictly prohibited in Derry Borough, as these items are toxic to the environment. (Ordinance 748)

camp fire

DVFD requests all donations to be sent to:
Derry Borough Volunteer Fire Department
116 East Second Avenue
Derry, PA 15627

Derry Borough Police Department

911 for all Emergencies
Office: (724) 694-8030
Fax: (724)-694-9280

K-9 – “SMOKE”

Chief of Police/K-9 Handler – Randolph Glick

Sergeant – Doug Sam

K-9 Donations are accepted at Derry Borough Police K-9 Fund
116 E. 2nd Avenue
Derry, PA 15627