111 W. 1st Avenue

Derry Borough has a residential contract for all residential garbage services which includes recycling to minimize costs for our residents. Recyclable materials include Paper, Cardboard, Junk Mail, Magazines, Newspaper, Phone Books, Glass, Plastic, Tin an Aluminum. Do not throw food waste, toner cartridges, glass pane and pyres, or food containers in your personal recycling bins. Please note… Waste Management may refuse to pick up your recycling if you throw garbage into your recycling containers.

Derry Borough also has two commercial bins for paper recycling near the public works garage provided by Royal Oak Recycling. These bins are only for paper recycling. Including newspaper, inserts, magazines, catalogs, mail, office and school papers. Please do no put non-recyclables in these commercial containers such as cardboard, food boxes, fiberboard, chipboard, textbooks, hard cover books, and phone books, as they are not recyclable with this company. Thank you.

Fall Leaf Pick Up
At the end of the fall season when the leave come off the trees, the Public Works Department will provide a leaf pick up service for approximately 4 weeks, typically in the month of November. The department asks that you place your bagged leaves in an area of the front of your property not near your garbage to eliminate confusion. The public works team requests you not to make the bags excessively heavy as they have to be loaded into the dump trucks at a much higher height than a standard pick-up truck. We thank you in advance for your understanding. You can call the garage phone and leave a message when you are ready for pick-up if the bags aren’t picked up in a couple days.

Sidewalks and Snow Removal
Property owners are primarily responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks in front of and alongside their property. Within 24 hours after snow or ice has fallen, Derry Borough requests by Ordinance that owners, occupants, or tenants clear the sidewalks surrounding their property to keep Derry Borough a pedestrian friendly community during all seasons.

Community Park and Mossback Park Rentals Please contact the Borough office if you are inquiring for park rentals at 724-694-2030. Derry Borough Community Park can be rented daily for a fee of $75.00 per pavilion. Rental includes pavilions, restrooms, and electric. Absolutely no Alcoholic Beverages are permitted on the premises. The park will always remain open to the public. Mossback Park can be utilized by community residents with a deposit fee of $50.00 per event. (Weddings)

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